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Dary Rees Summary of Qualifications & strength

Extensive marketing knowledge coupled with creative ideas for product applications and a solid history of sales success, especially to large accounts in various types of businesses.

·  Proven ability to develop sales potential in new market areas both national and international.

· Strong analytic and planning skills, combined with the ability to coordinate the efforts of many to meet organizational goals.

·  Strong people and sales skills combined with negotiations and closing deals.

· Original thinking “outside the box” with a strong belief that anything can be achieved.

· Self-motivator with high energy.

· Productive,efficient and strong work ethics.

· Supervisory and training experience by managing sales teams, and production facility.

· Created unique marketing campaigns nationwide.

· Traveled extensively all over the world, mainly on business.

20+ years of sales & marketing experience in various market segments. 


Awards and Recognition:

·  Received the Silver “Global Design Award”, 2005 for the bottle water concept and packaging design of “Slimmer You H2O”


·  Received the“Best in Concept” 2004 for the beverage concept “Aphrodisiac Goddess Rose Nectar” by the Beverage Marketing Group.


·  Offered a Consultant Status from the United Nations to support women’s programs national and international and create a liaison between Corporate America and the nonprofit world.


·  Invited to speak in a few of the UN programs and events about her experience and challenges as a woman and her ideas of beverages and creating a partnership between non profit organizations and the corporate world.


·  Created a sex education campaign (with the bottled water; Venus Water For Women) for NYS schools, with the NYS Alliance and Hillary Clinton.


·  Received the “She Rock” award for the NYC march “to save women’s lives” with the bottle water concept “Venus Water For Women” 2005


·  Assisted the U.S.International Trade Delegation to promote women owned business and “Break The Glass Ceiling”, Washington DC 1995-99


·  Received the Athena Award for assisting and supporting large groups of women in the Miami community, FL 1997


Large Projects & Partnership:

*  Starbucks Corp. 1997; coffee press exclusive Christmas design

*  Smirnoff Vodka, 1998 Martini Set in a box, with their launch of the Tzar Gold.

*  Phillip Morris Corp.; 1999, Salad Bowl set in their Virginia Slims Collection

*  Saks5th Avenue; Exclusive wine and champagne glasses collection

*  Neiman Marcus,Epicure tabletop designs.


Marketing Projects available:

* Direct Respond

* Viral Marketing

* Public Relations

* Gorilla Marketing

* Special Campaigns 

* Online Marketing & Social Media

* Email Marketing

* Direct Mail Marketing

* Newsletter Marketing

* As Seen On TV Marketing

* Non Profit Marketing

and much more.....


Dary Successful marketing projects: 

* Smirnoff Vodka;

Product campaign in 4000 special bars of "Martini Set in a Box"

* Starbucks Christmas Coffee Press

* Establishing 25 distributors across Europe

within 6 months

* Entering the European market, in 8 countries  with PR Campaign & presence in large department stores

* Established Nationwide presence across USA within 1 year; getting showrooms in all major cities; NYC, GA, TX, LA. SF, IL, FL, CO, AZ,

* Created Niches, started new trends and was able to forecast trends within few business ventures.